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2 Sep 2020

Jakarta, inikepri.com – The Communications and Informatics Minister, Jhonny Gerrard Plate, urged the Commission I of the House of Representatives to speed up the deliberation of the Personal Data Protection Draft Law. The reason is the massive cyber attacks have threatened the public digital space.

“The increasing cyber attacks have pushed the need of personal data protection. Therefore, the government hopes the draft law deliberation with the House of Representatives can be finished immediately,” said Minister Jhonny at the House of Representatives in Jakarta on Tuesday, 1 September 2020.

Such legislation may increase the public protection in cyber space. The implementation of strict security on the use of personal data by the platform owners and the public participation will prevent the data leak.

“It aims to provide a sense of security for the public in using various applications platforms in the internet,” he said.

Such legislation, Jhonny continued, will make Indonesia equal with other countries in protecting their citizens in digital space. Indonesia will have a legislation that specifically stipulate the domestic internet users data protection measures.

“It is also considering partnering countries policies that require counterpart countries including Indonesia to have equal personal data protection,” he said.

Previously, nine factions of political parties agreed to continue the deliberation of personal data protection draft law submitted by the Communications and Informatics Ministry to Level 1.

The nine factions were Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle (PDIP), Functional Group (Golkar), Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra), National Democrat (Nasdem), Nation Awakening Party (PKB), Democratic Party, Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), National Mandate Party (PAN), and Party of Unity and Development (PPP).

Every faction of the political party designated one representative member of the House of Representatives to read out the views on the draft law. All members agreed that such legislation is urgently needed by the economic actors in the digital space.

“The factions of the Commission I agree to continue the deliberation of personal data protection draft law to Level 1 with the government,” said the House of Representatives Commission I deputy chair Abdul Kharis Al Masyhari.

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